Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wrapping up Nassau

We were supposed to have internet at the resort and I had hoped to send these pics out as I took them but the net was spotty at best.  Anyway, here are the last of the pics from colorful Nassau:

Wonderful art gallery! Some lovely local art! Unfortunately, not allowed to take pics!

Junkanoo Queen, outside the art gallery

I went to the Governors residence to watch the changing of the guard which turned out to be quite a spectacle!
Governors residence, She was not there as indicated by no flag.  She was, in fact, in London visiting the queen. 

from the front of the residence you can see the tops of the cruise ships in the harbor at the bottom of the hill

to the left is the lone guard who will be replaced after the ceremony

the band played about 6 pieces and paraded back and forth in front of the building

more street art, very nice

 Once a month the locals have a parade representing all the different ministries in the government.  Each ministry honors the employee of the month.  Makes for some more partying!


  1. Lots of neat art. Boy, they sure have a lot of parades, I wonder how they get any work done! :-)


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