Monday, November 3, 2014


It was a bittersweet drive out of Omaha, NE, this morning.  After 3 months of being with family and watching our newest grandchild develop a personality, there was a bit of a lump in my throat as we left.

We are headed to Bartlesville, OK, for a week to visit some friends before heading further south to Austin, TX, to try to get warmer!  Just spending the night in Emporia, KS, along the way.  

Our drive so far though Kansas has been one hill after another! We got terrible gas milage today with the hills and headwinds.

The only point of interest was our drive on part of the Native Stone Scenic Byway.  
The remains of the limestone fences you see pictured below and  some limestone buildings we passed in the small towns we drove through were the reason for the byway designation.

The limestone fences were authorized by the Kansas legislature in 1867. It was one of the earliest government operated farm programs. The state paid farmers 40 cents a rod (about 16 ½ feet) to build and maintain a stone fence at least four feet high.  Interesting!

 We probably could have avoided some of the hills were we to drive the interstates but we try hard to avoid them to enjoy the back roads.....sometimes that backfires;)  When it is very hilly and windy and you have to drive several miles behind a piece of farm equipment......all part of the adventure!!!!


  1. Boy, that guy took up a huge chunk of road! Safe travels to your next destination!


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