Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Texas Capitol, Austin

Another rainy day we visited the capitol building.  Yes, it seems to rain a lot here this time of year which we did not know prior to coming here. Not supposed to rain this week but will next week....we'll just work with it:)

The first capitol building was built in 1853.  It was rebuilt in 1888 after a fire and in 1993 an underground extension was added during a restoration of the building. So what is seen above ground is just part of the existing building today:

the door hinges weight 8 lbs each!

Stephen F. Austin, marble statue in the South Foyer

the rotunda
Looking up at the inside of the dome, the star at the top measures 8ft across!

31 senators meet here during Texas legislative sessions to work with the House enacting the laws of the state:
Senate chamber
150 members of the House of Representatives meet in this chamber, the largest room in the building:
House of Representatives
 The flag below in the in House of Representatives, is one of the original flags from the Battle of San Jacinto.  That battle, fought in 1836 after "The Alamo",  freed the Texans from Mexican rule.
 The only known oil painting of Jim Bowie done while he was alive.  Bowie died at the Alamo.

 Looking down into the Legislative Reference Library
 From the 3rd floor looking down into the rotunda at the terrazzo floor, you can see 4 of the 6 seals of the countries whose flags have flown over Texas:
 This view is from the extension looking up above ground through the glass at the dome

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