Sunday, November 30, 2014

Perdernales Falls State Park, TX

There are a lot of state parks in TX and a lot in this area!  We decided when we went to McKinney SP to buy a $70 annual pass and have already paid for half of it.  If you are going to spend 2 or 3 months in this state, the annual pass is the way to go.

We weren't able to do the 7 1/2 mile trail we had originally chosen due to the Perdernales River being  to high where the trail crossed it, but managed to put in 5 plus miles in the falls area which  was quite lovely.

Twin Falls

 This beautiful spot is where we stopped for lunch:

Perdernales Falls

 We took a small trail with a bird watching blind:

not clear but a female Hairy Woodpecker?

female Cardinal


Hairy Woodpecker
 Our first winery in this area.  Stopped on the way home.  Nice wines but high prices and high tasting fee.

just outside the winery


  1. good to see water in the river...

    1. Apparently a little more than usual;) We would have liked to have done the longer hike but the ranger said no way, the water was running to swiftly and it is a trail you must cross the water and will get your feet wet.

  2. Good to know about all those state parks...guess we'll be buying a pass! Looks like a beautiful area.


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