Tuesday, November 18, 2014

LBJ Museum, Austin

We had a nice welcome to Austin when we went downtown to the visitors center and got to enjoy a live band while we were gathering information about the area!
Twilight Trio

Yesterday, we checked out the LBJ Library and Museum.  He was the first president I remember as Kennedy was killed when I was just 5.  He, like some other presidents took over the job during a crisis.  In his case it was, of course, Vietnam and the Cold War and the fight for Equal Rights....  It was very interesting to get a closer view of what happened in the White House at that time.

7/8 scale Oval Office including the desk LBJ used

1967, the hot line to the Soviet Union

 There were phones everywhere that we could pick up to hear conversations that took place in the White House during his term.  Very interesting! Everything from Lady Bird calling to critique LBJ on a speech he just gave to LBJ discussing the world situation with Eisenhower.
 From the 4th floor of the museum, we could look up at the next 4 floors that were off limits to museum visitors.  The LBJ Archives, which house original papers from all his political years from Congressman to President, taped phone and meeting conversations, Lady Bird's audio diary, some personal family films and pics, etc.

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