Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oklahoma City, OK

After leaving Bartlesville, OK, we spent the last 2 nights in Arcadia Lake State Park just outside of Oklahoma City. The scenery was beautiful at the park albeit very cold!!!

view next to our site

this Blue Heron has his head tucked in trying to avoid the 19 degree wind chill!
 We had a full day in Oklahoma City and choose to spend the morning at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.  It was awesome and definitely a must see!!

Here is a widely recognized statue, "The End Of The Trail" by James Earle Fraser.  On a pedestal and 18 ft tall, it is impressive and very moving:

hopefully you all can read this
 There were over 10 galleries including native American, cowboy, rodeo, firearms, military in the west, cowboy actors ....and the art was amazing!

Had to use Mike for a size reference here!

so much beautiful art!

"The Canyon Princess"

Native American Gallery
 The Western Performers Gallery was great fun!  Remember these folks?

Military in the west

Another famous cowboy!

A life-sized town we could stroll through!
 A somber moment: After leaving the museum we drove by the Oklahoma National Memorial dedicated to the victims of the 1995 bombing of the federal building on this spot:
view of one end of the memorial


  1. Very jealous, that museum looks amazing. It's 11 degrees here right now. be glad you're not still in Omaha!!

    1. Love you all like crazy but very glad we are not still in Omaha!


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