Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Castle Dome Ghost Town Museum, Yuma, AZ

We spent a very nice week in Yuma revisiting some previous places to show cousin Dave and Mary as they had not been there before.  We did go to one new place, however, and it was worth checking out.

Castle Dome was a mining town spread out over 7 miles along several mines just north of Yuma.  Locals brought abandoned buildings together to form a museum in order to keep the areas history alive.  It is a nice museum and we enjoyed a couple hours of meandering through several old structures.

Castle Dome Ghost Town

How deep is this thing any way????

 We ventured through the Griffindrift Mine....

and made it out alive!:)

Castle Dome in the background 

The town had 6 saloons!

One of the few places to get a real the local brothel

hanging with the locals


  1. The ladies at the brothel might have required a bath before other services!

    1. Right;) I'm sure it was a bath the guys look forward to!


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