Monday, January 11, 2016

Hiking Lake Havasu City, AZ

Ahhh, the desert in winter. What a great place to be hiking!

We are traveling for a few weeks with Mike's cousin and wife, Dave and Mary and our first stop was Lake Havasu.  Mike and I have been here a couple of times years ago to get together with friends for a couple of days and not had the time to check out any hiking.  Turns out there are several hiking trails very close to the city!

Our first trek was the Water Tank Trail, 6.2 miles out and back through some great scenery:

a rusted out 61/62 Dodge adds character to the landscape

Mike and Dave lead the way through this beautiful little valley

the water tank is a simple water collector, a large corrugated aluminum sheet which channels rain water into a covered
storage tank accessible to animals
 We spent an afternoon wandering around shops and checking out the London Bridge:

 Our next hike was Lizard Trail in Sara Park just south of the city.  This fun climb to the top of the bluff involves scrambling over a couple of rock shelves.  A 360 view at the top and looking down on a 35 year old lizard geoglyph were great highlights on this trail:
heading for the high point on the right of the middle bluff for a great 360 view!

I did need a boost over these rock ledges!

views from the top, amazing!

yes, a picnic table at the top, the far edge of the table is the edge of the bluff!

looking the other direction, the Colorado River down below

Over the front of the bluff, 600 feet below is the 80 foot lizard geoglyph
 Had to take Dave and Mary out to the Desert Bar, accessible only by 5 miles of dirt road:

 Fun place, eclectic for sure,

great band playing

No good beer but plenty of
liquor! :)

 Our last hike was down a canyon we heard about near the Lizard Trail. We had hoped to take the canyon down to the river but the rain had filled tanks in the little canyon preventing us from making it through.  As you can see though, it was great fun and beautiful!!!!

you can see the water filling the tank below us, we could not go further without a bath;)

Dave coming back up a waterfall area. I am feeling the muscles I used to climb this rope today;)

some boulder scrambling ahead to get up and out of the canyon, what fun!

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