Monday, January 25, 2016

Ajo, AZ

We are finishing up a very enjoyable weeks stay in Ajo.  Mike and I were here for a month 3 years ago and you can find my posts for that stay during Jan/Feb of 2013 as I am just going to add a couple of things with this stay.  We will return to Ajo in the future.

I love this area, the scenery is just beautiful everywhere you look in the Sonoran Desert! Even the cristate cactus has it's own artsy twists that are fun to look at and take pics of.  Here are a few that we tracked down on this stay, one may be a repeat from our last visit;)

this saguaro was all cristate until the new arm grew normally

In these two, only one "arm" did not form properly

And in these two, pretty much the whole cactus is cristated

Red tail hawk hanging out in a saguaro

in this pic, note the nest to the far left and the Harris hawk on the saguaro to the far right, is she waiting for her mate to have their spring family!

a beauty!
 The following pics were taken inside Gate 18 on the Barry Goldwater Range.  We had not explored this area the last time we were here but are sure glad we checked it out this time!

a young saguaro artfully framed by the skeleton of a long dead cholla

red tails everywhere!

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