Friday, June 17, 2016

Honey Creek State Park, Iowa

Our first stop after Omaha was Honey Creek State Park, Iowa.  We spent the last 2 nights there.  A very nice park, 828 acres, next to Iowa's largest lake, Lake Rathbun. A man made lake built by the U.S. Army Corps in 1969, it is impressive in it's size.

Only 5 miles of hiking trails, if you can call them that. Once again we find trails marked but not maintained.  However, you could walk or bike the  roads and get some miles in that way:

lots of blue birds in the area

I thought the sites were a little close together considering the size of the park. We did get some shade from mature trees though which helped in the 98 degree heat and humidity!

down on the shore line.......
a flock of vultures taking a morning bath

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