Thursday, June 30, 2016

Garden of the Gods, IL (What??)

Those of you who follow us know we have been to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO a few times now. Who knew another state would also have a Garden of the Gods?? Okay, so not that farfetched;) But is it comparable to the one in the Springs??  In it's own way, it is actually very nice.  The area is beautiful and away from civilization which is a big plus.  See for yourselves:

Part of the Shawnee Ntl Forest, Garden of the Gods encompasses 3,300 acres of lovely greenery with some cool rock formations thrown in for effect

the rock formation just to the right of center is called the camel

just a couple of trails in the wilderness area, sure pretty though!

the Observation Point trail
took us past a pond full
of frogs, fun to watch!

Lots of lovely wildflowers line the Illinois roads


Sheep Creek Canyon Geological Area, Flaming Gorge, UT

Here are some pics from the Sheep Creek Canyon Geological Area, a must do drive when you go to Flaming Gorge.  We drove up it in the morning...