Monday, July 4, 2016

Hemlock Cliffs Trl, French Lick, Indiana

Enjoying our week in Indiana.  Just outside of French Lick.  Okay, French Lick comes from the French traders who built a fort in the area and the bison who licked at the springs nearby.  Another little place known for it's mineral springs once upon a time and the healing powers of the waters. No springs any more but a lovely place where the PGA senior golf tournament has been held.

We won't let a little (ok, a lot) of rain and humidity get us down!!!!
We almost did not do the Hemlock Cliff Trl as it is only 1.2 miles but the reviews were so good we had to go see what it was all about.  We were not disappointed as you can see.  What a lovely place. We did manage to add some distance to the trail.

the trail started off by dropping down through this "crack" in the shelf, fun!

if i stick my head in can't see me... right??

the trail took us down under this over hang....

into a huge alcove

just beautiful!!!

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