Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Football Hall of Fame, McKinley Library, etc., OH

Lots to do in the Medina area of Ohio!  We were busy and did a lot of driving!  We had to go back to the NP for another hike, had to go to the football hall of fame, had to go to the Amish village and the Pres. McKinley library popped up so we had to do that....whew!  Wait, we also had to do several wineries and breweries of course!

Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH

Mainly Packers and Steelers
fans in this family;)

It was fun to see what they used to wear compared to what they need to wear now!
I kinda look lost in these shoulder pads!

the hall of fame, a bust of your head goes in here when you are chosen

Mike Webster was a Steeler, if you have not seen the movie "Concussion"  check it out

the rings are crazy huge and
have gotten larger over the
I doubt I could hold up
my hand with one on!
Packers got the first one;)

the 70s, the Steelers

Pres. McKinleys museum,
library and memorial
McKinleys memorial is the largest Presidential memorial

Ohio is huge on IPAs, Mike loved it!
 Some wildlife pics from Beaver Marsh in the Cuyahoga Valley NP, pretty trail!

green heron

So much algae!

this covered bridge was also in the NP

Several wineries, mostly whites, which
we are opening our minds on and trying
more of :) I do like some of them
in this humidity!!

In Amish country we had to be
very careful of horse and buggies
and bicycles on the roads
we sampled lots of cheese here....and bought some;)

An Amish RV???
largest cuckoo clock in the world!

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