Thursday, July 7, 2016

French Lick Train, Fossil Beds and Churchill Downs

Our week in French Lick, Indiana is winding down.  In spite of the rain and oppressive humidity, the humidity has been higher than the temperature, we have been enjoying our stay.

A couple of days ago we took a ride on the French Lick Scenic Railway through the Indiana country side.  Our 1 3/4 hour tour turned into an almost 3 hour tour when the 1940 engine had problems at the turnaround point and had to be fixed;) All part of the adventure:

quite a sway going on up here!

We checked out the upper level of an air-conditioned car for the ride out

Looking through the window you can see the caboose as we round a curve

Yesterday we drove to the Falls of the Ohio State Park on the Ohio River.  The park sits on top of large areas of fossil beds, very cool!  This is also the place where Lewis and Clark began and ended their expedition (1804 to1806) after exploring and mapping the territory on the Ohio River.

the falls

fossil beds below

every where you put your feet there are fossils!

looking across the fossil beds and Ohio River to Louisville, KY

After poking around the fossil beds for a while, we ventured across the river into Louisville, KY

 Straight to Churchill Downs for a tour of this historical racetrack and home of the Kentucky Derby

inside the gates but outside the track, you can stand in this area for $60 and watch the KD on a screen....and party!

the paddocks where the horses are brought for final examinations and prep before race

all wagers must be in matter how large the amount!

142 years of uninterrupted Kentucky Derby horse races on this track!

the winners circle is located in the middle of the track

"millionaires balcony" has the best view

 Enjoying a Kentucky burgoo for lunch at the Derby Cafe. Similar to a mulligan stew, traditionally made for large crowds like Derby Day.  It was yummy!

Then, for dessert, a bourbon bread
pudding.  Rich, rich, rich!!!


  1. I think the sway on top of the train would have been difficult for Hans' tummy, was it for you?

    I have those exact same Teva sandals and was wearing them a LOT walking on concrete and they gave me plantar faciitis in my right foot! So bummed because I loved wearing them for long city walks in the warm weather.

    1. Lisa, I was surprised I did not have trouble with the sway but on the return I took no more chances and sat downstairs;)

      Sorry to hear about your Teva trouble, I practically live in mine these days!

  2. That was some good looking desert. A good end to a good day.

    1. Mike and Deb, my Mike loves a good bread pudding and thought this one was pretty good:)


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