Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We had  a nice time in the Ann Arbor, MI, area in spite of the humidity;)  A fun perk turned out to be the sandhill cranes some of which make this area of the country their summer home.  We were told by locals the birds can be a nuisance as they like nice cut green a backyard:)  We would see a few here and there in the fields, and pastures and back yards.  We found it great fun, of course:) 

The Sandhill Crane Vineyard is located very near where we were parked in the Hideaway Campground and we went there a couple of times to enjoy their wide selection of Michigan wines and one night for live music and dinner.

Yes we are even buying a few whites and this, our first bottle of rose, as some of them are more enjoyable in this humid climate:)

the crane does not seem to mind the horses at all as she walks by

Our daily walks/hikes took place on lush, green, humid, bug ridden paths or roads near where were were parked;)  It truly has been an exercise in perseverance to get exercise in this climate!  We do not have the mosquitos this year, thank goodness, but the flies are awful!!  The humidity is awful!!  Add the two together and it is tough getting out to walk/hike.  It does not matter how early we get up when the lowest temp is in the 70s and the humidity is also in the 70s!!

In spite of that, look how pretty our morning walks are with the morning mist:

note the mist ahead of Mike in the dip in the road


  1. Very pretty...but sounds kind of challenging too!

    1. Yes Lisa, this weather is challenging for sure;)


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