Monday, August 1, 2016

The Field Museum and Notre Dame University

While in LaPorte, IN, we took a train one day into Chicago to visit the Field Museum. It's a biggie of course and Sue, the t-rex, greets you as soon as you enter which is awesome! We spent the day there and saw maybe half of the museum.  We also visited several wineries and breweries in the area and drove down to the university of Notre Dame.

The Back Yard Brewery in
LaPorte is pretty cool
It takes a lot to get us into a big city but taking the train so we did not have to drive and then try to find parking helped a lot and is definitely part of the adventure!

it helped we did not actually have to go into the city to get to the museum

the Field Museum

view of foggy Chicago from the steps of the museum

Sue the t-rex, over 90 percent actual fossil

lots of mummies.....

people and pets, falcons,
cats, antelope!

wonderful masks and
statues  from
all over

more dinosaurs, of course

Lucy!  3.2 million years old

4 lb gold nugget;)

way cool!!!!

Really enjoyed this winery!
A couple of days ago we visited the campus of the university of Notre Dame.  Below is the oldest building, along with the basilica, built about 1842.  We happened to go on a Saturday when  weddings take place so could not go into the basilica but got to enjoy the bagpipe band that stood outside to keep the guests entertained.  What fun!

statue of Mary on of the dome

the basilica

a happy couple enjoying the band after their wedding

the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes behind the basilica

the inside of the dome of the main building

a brief glimpse inside the basilica in-between weddings!

just love the architecture!

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