Monday, August 8, 2016

Ludington, MI, and The Badger!

We spent last week parked in Ludington, MI, and stayed at the Mason County Campground.  Another very nice campground with full hook ups and a forest setting.  However, aside from visiting the Big Sable Lighthouse in Ludington, we spent the greater part of the week in Manitowoc, WI, after taking a ferry ride over on the Badger!

The Badger is a national historic landmark and the last of the coal powered ferries on the great lakes.  We paid for us and our jeep and took a short cut across Lake Michigan to meet up with family in Manitowoc, WI.  The 4 hour boat ride was nice and calm going and returning;) though I took meds just in case.  The boat even has a cruise director that leads bingo and trivia games and there are 2 movies shown on board if you should so choose!  A great experience!

Big Sable Lighthouse

views from the top off the Michigan lake shore

lovely clear water below

curtains in the lighthouse

The Ludington lighthouse at the entrance to the harbor

getting ready to board a Natl Historic Landmark!

passing the Ludington lighthouse on the way out of the harbor

almost 4 hours later we are just about to enter Manitowoc, WI

into their harbor we go!

people on the front deck getting up to watch us dock

an Amish family holds the children up for a look

tying up
 While in Manitowoc, we had to revisit some wineries and cheese and meat places but we also checked out a couple new wineries that had appeared in the past 2 years since our last visit:

the more notable of the 2, Cold Country.......
here Linda finished off a bottle in our glasses then promptly kicked it back to make sure:)  Cracked us up!

watching a freighter get pushed through drawbridges in Manitowoc....

these things are so big!

our return trip on the Badger we watched them drive our jeep on board.  Great Fun!!

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