Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cowles Bog and Lots of Mushrooms!

We managed to check out a few more wineries and breweries in and around LaPort, IN.  Most of our daily walks were around city parks and lakes in LaPort but we did hike the  Cowles Bog Trail in the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and that was really cool!

enjoyed and bought wine here

1858 light house Michigan City

enjoying brews and food at a
riverside restaurant  in
Michigan City

The Cowles Bog Trail outside of LaPorte, IN, is definitely a winner....just make sure you wear bug spray;)  This marshy area leads down to the beach (Lake Michigan) so you have different types of terrain on the hike.  Then there are the frogs, a symphony of them!  So loud you can hardly hear your self think! Did not see a single one though due to the bog.  And then there are mushrooms, lots of different kinds of mushrooms.  The transition from bog to beach and back was very different and we got a good workout climbing over the sand dunes to get down to the beach.

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