Saturday, August 13, 2016

Whirlpool Trail, Niagara Gorge, NY

I read up on this trail ahead of time and decided it was a must do. Not disappointed!  Just beautiful with a lot of stairs:)  In the Niagara Falls area this hike starts on top of the gorge and you must descend "about" 500 rock steps to walk along the river to the whirlpool, a 90 degree turn in the river in which raging rapids are entering and making the water swirl in a counter clockwise direction.

looking down into the Niagara Gorge from the rim

We can see the Whirlpool coming up and a tram passing overhead on the Canadian side

lots of stone steps of varying sizes

the current is so swift here that you are not allowed to get in the water, this is the whirlpool area

overhead a Canadian tram crosses the Whirlpool

Check out the rapids, amazing to stand next to!

further upstream you can see how crazy the water is

the rim of the gorge up above Mike

once again we are amazed to be in a place like this!

this jet boat took people into the whirlpool for the ride of their life.....we decided to do it later:)

looks like you get soaked and have a lot of fun....will let you know!

the Whirlpool from above on the rim


  1. What a great place you found. I bet the climb back was a heart thumper.

    1. The trick, if you know what I mean;), is to try not to overheat on that climb out:)

  2. Not sure my knees could handle all those stairs. Looks beautiful as I am sure Maine will be.


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