Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bluespring Caverns, IN

Our last adventure before leaving the French Lick area was the boat tour in Bluespring Caverns.  What fun!  This cavern was formed by a, still very active, underground river so the entire tour was by boat! Not many formations but a fun tour none the less!

This cave was found by the farmer who owned this land many years ago.  He used to have a pond which was above our guides(Nick) head in this sick hole we were standing in.  One year after a very heavy rain, the farmer went outside to find his pond had disappeared.  The limestone shelf under the pond had given way into the cavern of the underground river.
this cavern is closed with heavy rains as it floods easily. the ramp was steep and slick!

a little dam was built to ensure smooth riding for the tours. check out how fast the water is moving down there!

the entrance ramp took us down to an underground marina where we boarded our little boat for the tour

called "the quarry" this area sure looks like one!

Nick and Mike ducking under the low ceiling as we all were!

we were thirsty after our tour;)

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