Thursday, July 21, 2016

Henry Ford Museum, Factory Tour, Dearborn, MI

We are near Ann Arbor, MI, now for a week and yesterday we drove east to Dearborn to see the Henry Ford museum and take a factory tour to see the Ford F150s in production.  What a day!

 I cannot stress enough how wonderful the museum is!  I thought it would be about the history of the automobile and Fords contribution....and it is but there is so much more!  It holds a plethora of wonderful varied collections and unique historical acquisitions.  We spent most of the day there and did not really see it all meaning we had to rush through a few sections to "see" it all;) Here is a sampling of some but not all the collections:

the presidential car collection includes the car Pres. Kennedy was assassinated in

a beautiful American clock collection has it's own hall, yes that's me in the mirror on the left;)

a locomotive collection has one of the largest ever built on the right that hauled coal and on the left, with stagecoach cars, a much smaller one that carried people:)

a 1931 Bugatti type 41 Royale, only 6 built at $43,000 each!!

the Golden Rod broke some speed records

the first all American car to win the Le Mans

early RV's

Fords first, the Model A

this 1957 concept safety car included a backward facing seat for children and other safety features, some of which eventually were used

 an exact replica of the Wright Bros. plane

Lincoln's chair from the suite in the Ford theater in which he was assassinated

watch making machines

the anatomy of a Model T

having fun!!!!!!

an amazing furniture collection including......

Mark Twains folding table and Edgar Allen Poe's desk

the pope mobile, built for Pope Paul XI visit to the US in 1964

heaters of all kinds for the home
Again, this was just a sampling, there was so much more. A wonderful museum!

During the day, we took a break from the museum and a tour bus over to the factory to see F150 trucks being assembled.  We would also recommend this as a great tour.  Bring ear plugs;) It was great to see the amazing smoothness and organization of the assembly line not to mention seeing the "robot" machines do their thing!  Not allowed to take pics though:(

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