Friday, February 3, 2017

Blue Spring State Park, FL

Located just west of Florida City, Blue Spring State Park is a manatee haven.  Manatees flock to the warm spring when the outlaying water temperature drops.  The day Mike and I visited the manatee count was about 115.  A few days later when the temps dropped even lower, Mike's cousin and family visited and there were over 460 manatee in the spring!!

Here are some pics from our visit.  I sure was nice to have clear water for viewing them!

exposure may have been off but the pic is cool!

two sets of moms and babies here, one on top of the other

in these 3 pics, mom does
a rollover


a boardwalk will take you to the source of the spring

cormorant hanging out on a branch over the manatees

a sunbathing turtle watches a couple of manatees come up for air

manatees everywhere with a turtle in the background

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