Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ichetucknee Springs and Canoeing on the Santa Fe River, FL

While we were in High Springs we checked out a couple of beautiful clear springs in Ichetucknee Springs State Park.  Lovely setting and crystal clear water:

Bob, Jo and Mike on the trail to the springs

the dark hole in the middle of the water with the light halo is the spring

the cave under the spring is 580 feet long

a swimming area not far from the spring

couple of good brews here!
 Mike and I did a 4 hour canoe trip on the Santa Fe River.  What a peaceful way to spend the day!
Mike getting instructions on how to get into the canoe without ending up in the water;)

Hmmm, the ripples at the top of the pic give away the fact that this is a reflection!

Turtles are awesome!

Nice to get a shot of the back of
a red shoulder hawk

red shoulder in flight

blue heron keeping a low profile

saw 2 small gators on the river

ibis hanging out overhead

In 4 hours we saw only 2 other groups of people out on the water

nice day!

fresh mullet, swamp cabbage and fried chicken!  have I died and gone to heaven?!

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