Monday, July 24, 2017

Cade Cove and Bears!, GSMNP

Yes, this a 2 post day because I have to upload these from the Indian casino parking lot as that is where we can get connectivity right now!;)  So when I get the chance....

Cade Cove is in the western area of the NP.  It is bear country and so we were hoping....  We decided to do the Abrams Falls Trail. On the drive out we saw elks in the mist at the Oconoluftee visitor center and wild turkeys in Cade Cove....

note the ears poking up from a baby in the grass!

we have seen wild turkeys several times

There are many wooden structures throughout the park including a few churches and some 200 cemeteries!

the trail follows the river which helps with the temp.....a bit
 Our first bear sighting was on the trail and I heard the bear before we saw it come down a steep slope right next to us on the trail!  He was very intent on searching for food right next to the river:

Abrams Falls, very pretty!

old homestead
 Our second and third bears for the day were together up on a hill and very hard to get pics of:

Just off the road a popular spot for swimming and jumping!!

this falls is at the swim hole, these falls are dangerous and many people have died in falls at the park unfortunately

these young guys were fearless

One more hike that day, Laurel Falls Trail

later afternoon view from Laurel Falls Trail

and another nice mushroom!

Beer and dinner at Smokey Mountain Brewery in Gatlinburg

evening view heading back to Cherokee
Elk in the meadow at dusk:


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