Monday, July 24, 2017

Deep Creek Waterfalls, Great Smokey Mountains NP (GSMNP)

We did a nice hike in the Deep Creed area of the GSMNP.  3 waterfalls on the hike.  Deep Creek is a popular tubing area.  We got out early enough to avoid the masses and some of the heat and humidity but as we were finishing up our hike we could not believe how many people were coming in to tube down Deep Creek!

Tom Branch Falls

a black mushroom! don't see many of those!

a group of young folk heading off on an extended hike.....good for them!

Indian Creek Falls

Juney Whank Falls


  1. So lush and beautiful! That black mushroom is really neat. You weren't kidding about the mobs of people! But the tubing does look fun.

    1. Since then Lisa, I have come across other types of black mushrooms....who knew!


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