Friday, August 4, 2017

Yadkin Valley Wineries, Jefferson Natural Area

We are currently staying at a very nice state park, New River SP, in northwest NC.  We have a few miles of pretty forest trail here at the park in addition to the New River, which we cannot see from our hill campsite, but will be canoeing on this coming Sunday;)

We are just about 10 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway, so more hiking there, yay!  And we are about a 50 minute windy, but pretty, mountain road drive, to the Yadkin Valley wine region! Double yay!!

a morning hike right here at New River SP
largest black mushroom I've seen to date!  

Our first afternoon in Yadkin Valley:

We really enjoyed Elkin Creek,  had some nice wine, bought some nice wine and really enjoyed.....
...a bacon and brie pizza, yum!

Jones Von Drehle, a beautiful vineyard, also had some nice wine

Jones Von Drehle vineyard

Nice hiking and views from near
by, Mount Jefferson

pretty amorphous rock formations on the trail

really nice views from up here!

I stepped out on a view point just in time for a blast down below at a quarry!  I felt it!

on the way down the mountain we saw this mom and baby

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