Saturday, July 7, 2018

Casper, WY

Hello All, after a wonderful visit with family in Omaha, NE, we are back on the road again.  We are spending a week in Casper, WY.  The second largest city in the state of Wyoming, you would think it would have more than one brewery.....but there is only one:(.  It does have a very nice IPA and there is another brewery opening up in the near future for anyone else who may come visit.  Frontier Brewing is the name of the brewery.

We are actually staying the much smaller city, right next to Casper, of Evansville.  Just about a mile from us a nice herd of antelope hang out right in the middle of a prairie dog town.  Pretty cool.  We have also been up on Casper Mountain, 30 minutes away, for some good hiking, beautiful scenery and cooler temperatures!  It will be in the 90s all week here:

on Casper Mountain, Rotary Club Park sign and our little jeep.....

a very nice waterfall......

wildflowers everywhere!!

Mike in the shade, view not as clear as I had hoped

deer whiskers in the afternoon sun:)

steeeeep trails in Rotary Park!!!!

further up the hill from Rotary Park is Centennial Park with several trails....and some level stretches:)

 Yesterday morning we did a very pleasant walk at a state park just a couple of miles from our RV park, Rivers Edge RV.
nice morning shot!

park has a wetlands area.....

and also goes along the North Platte River for a ways......

the river is very high and fast moving!!!

new bird for me??????

our local antelope herd, on the left, 2 moms have 2 young ones each.  to the far right note the prairie dog just above the standing antelope:)

closer pic of the families


  1. Your bird may be a Whiporwill... thanks for the Casper preview we may be passing through there soon.

  2. I believe the bird is a nighthawk. Love all the critters you are seeing!


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