Saturday, July 14, 2018

Flaming Gorge Reservoir, WY/UT

We enjoyed the remainder of our weeks stay in Casper going back up into the Casper Mtns for a couple more hikes and behind the Casper Mtns to the Muddy Mtns for some beautiful natural wildflower walks.  We also toured the Backwards Distillery in Casper which was interesting and fun, especially after tasting 8 diff liquors!!;)

We are now a few days into our 2 week stay at Buckboard Marina on the Upper Flaming Gorge Reservoir in southwest WY.  Just a few miles south of us in Utah is the Flaming Gorge Dam and Recreation Area, all part of the same reservoir system.  The main center piece of the Flaming Gorge Rec Area is 91 miles long! What a treat!!!  Just Spectacular!!  I had heard it was a beautiful area but really had no idea!

view from our campground of small part of the Upper Flaming Gorge Reservoir

our resident osprey family,  dad has just brought home a fish on the left
 Driving south about 20 miles we entered the gorge area and saw this sign for Sheep Creek....with a bighorn walking right past the sign!!  Could the timing have been better???

bighorn sheep and the entrance drive into the gorge area

panorama of west end of Flaming Gorge

Flaming Gorge

spectacular!!!! overlook at Flaming Gorge Visitor Center

just near the Flaming Gorge Visitor Center, several female bighorn and babies!

deer every where!!

on the way to Flaming Gorge Dam 

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  1. Beautiful! We've only stopped at the dam VC as we passed through the area...clearly it is worth further exploration!


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