Sunday, November 4, 2018

Wrapping up Seal Rock, OR, Whale Tails, etc!!

Here are some more pics from Seal Rock up to Depoe Bay, Oregon.  What a great 2 week stay there!

In grey whale watching capitol
Depoe Bay on a foggy day!
On another day (clear) in Depoe Bay enjoying a brew overlooking the bay and watching
whales spout in the distance

early morning at Seal Rock

Male and female
peregrine falcons. Live on
the cliffs at the Yaquina
Head Lighthouse visitors

evening in Newport harbor

walks on Seal Rock Beach

Seal Rock Beach

crab molts

south end of Depoe Bay looking north.....

watching whales from Rocky Point just south of Depoe Bay!!!!

I have lots more pics like these!!!!  Mesmerizing to watch!!!

Devils Punchbowl

some kinda driftwood on this beach!!

oyster catcher on Seal Rock Beach

gulls in the morning on Seal Rock Beach

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