Friday, November 11, 2011

Boulder City, NV (Las Vegas)

We, regretfully, left Page earlier than we had hoped but the weather was/has been much cooler than we had planned for.  So we are back near family and friends for the next month!  I still have some catching up to do however.....a few days worth!  So here goes!

These pics are from Tuesday the 9th, Part 1.  We drove out to Lees Ferry after it had rained all day on Monday and it had snowed up on the plateaus.  It was beautiful but the roads were icy.  We saw 2 cars overturned by the side of the road!  Lees Ferry is on the Colorado River so when we descended, we left the snow behind and it was a beautiful hiking day!

We spent the first part of the day checking out the Lonely Dell Ranch and hiking up the canyon behind it.  Thats what these pictures are.  Tomorrow I will have pics of the Lees Ferry area.

These 4 pics taken from jeep along highway....too cold to get out!

historic bridge

Navajo Bridge on right, now for peds only. Nice view!

Balance rocks next to road.  Colorful scenery!

rest of pics taken on Lonely Dell about it

Check out dates of deaths.....sad

An out house out in the middle of convenient!

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