Saturday, November 5, 2011

Page, AZ

I'm a little behind. Have some catching up to do.  Took a couple of days off because day before yesterday, the 3rd, was a travel day and not much happened.  An uneventful (that is the way we like it) trip from Moab, UT to Page, AZ.  Got a couple of pictures of Monument Valley but the sky was hazy and it was not a good pic day.  Yesterday was my birthday which we went out to celebrate in Page and yes I had a little to drink and no I did not feel like blogging last night:)

Page is the home of the Glen Canyon Dam.  The dam forms Lake Powell fed by the Colorado River.  Lake Powell is very picturesque and I will be taking many pics I'm sure.  We are hoping the weather warms up a bit as there is so much to do here as well.  Enough chatter, some pics!

The only 2 Monument Valley pics I sort of liked

Glen Canyon Dam

Hike near dam to Hanging Gardens

Cool landscape, note the "nodes".

Hanging Gardens

Note guy camped in overhang. Nice spot.

One tiny area of lake Powell

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