Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Moab, Canyonlands Nat'l Park, Neck Springs Trl

Today is our last full day here in Moab....what an amazing time it has been!  There is so much to do and so much beauty here but it is cold now and time to work our way to a warmer climate!  As much as we have done, we have left some things to do when we come this way again.

Yesterday we went back to Canyonlands to do the Neck Springs Trail and Mesa Arch Trail.  The following pictures are from the Neck Springs Trail.  What a great walk!  Started off in the canyon and ended up on the plateau.  We finally saw a couple of deer. The critters have been hiding from us.

Remnants of an old water system.

Hill is covered with cryptogam.  Living organisms that help keep the soil in place.

Note the "cairns" (rock piles). This is how many of the trails are marked.

Looking down on the Schafer Trail 4x4 road.  We took this back to Moab last time we were here.  Fun!

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