Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Phoenix AZ, A Home for Injured Wildlife

Last weekend, Mike and I went to an open house at the Arizona Fish and Game.  We learned a few things we did not know about desert wildlife and got to see several species up close which was really nice.  These animals are housed there for life due to injuries or because they can no longer survive in the wild.  Here are a few pics:

getting a little wildlife education

Desert Tortoise  

Gila Monster......

yep, he's missing a leg.  Check out the forked tongue.

Golden Eagle

Balk Eagle about 3 years old

Swainsons Hawk

showing off his plumage....

and profile.....

and tonsils!

Great Horned Owl.....

look at the eyelid under the eyelid in this blink.....

they do look comical:)

Merlin Hawk

Burrowing Owl, cute huh?

Screech Owl.......

wish we could have heard one.  Don't those feathers look like fur?

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  1. Great shots of the feathers. The colors on the Golden eagle are wonderful!


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