Sunday, November 4, 2012

Phoenix AZ, Sonoran Preserve

Our first hike in the area was a trail in the Sonoran Preserve.  A nice hike with good vistas of the surrounding area we got on the trail about 9am and the next hike will be a little earlier as it is still a bit too warm for me here!

Today is my birthday and Mike and I are heading out in a bit to enjoy an afternoon concert in which my brother-in-law is playing the trumpet;) and afterwards Gemma, Kerry and Mike and I are on to an Indian restaurant for dinner!  Sounds like fun to me:)

the nest in this saguaro belongs to a great horned owl which were told had 3 chicks here last spring!  It is right off the trail.  Must have been quite a sight!

from the trail, I zoomed in on Gemma and Kerrys house....the adobe style just left of center:)

lots of cholla cactus in this area

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday Keyna!

    Hans and I are heading to Rimrock area in a few days...hopefully by then it will be cooling down!



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