Thursday, November 29, 2012

Phoenix AZ, Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium

We had a great day at the Zoo a few days ago with Gemma and Kerry.  As usual, the weather was great (has been the whole time we've been here) and the zoo was amazing.  I had been there myself with Gemma and Kerry several years ago when it was much smaller.  It has grown so much!  It is not inexpensive though. I don't know how families can afford to go with tickets costing $29 for adults and $15 for children!

There are a lot of babies at the zoo right now and you will see some in my pics.  Please enjoy.  The next couple of posts will be zoo pics.  I was pleased that many of my pics taken though glass came out fairly well:

Gemma, Kerry and Mike anxious to get in and see the animals

one of our greeters at the gate......very noisy!

baby spider monkey.....soooo cute!

does not even look like there is glass there huh?

a boa couple

no, not a baby.....a dwarf gator

love the "hair dos"

baby jaguar, still in the nursery playing with his teddy bear:)

look at his claws!

baby porcupines in the nursery

an ocelot through the fence

an albino croc

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