Monday, May 13, 2013

Woodland WA, More Neighborhood and Lake Vancouver

I've really been slacking where posting has been concerned!  I don't think I realized just how many pics I've been taking and just how much I've been seeing here.  Must try to catch up a bit;)

Here are a few more pics from the neighborhood and a little trip to Lake Vancouver:

entrance to our park

I put this house on the blog last year but it's worth a repeat......

very colorful

yes, he has blue eyes!

couple of nice Redtail Hawk pics

It really is cool to finally get a good clear pic of one in flight!

Hmmm, you'd think Felicia liked the Steelers!

Mt St. Helens from Vancouver Lake

osprey carrying fish.....

better angle of the fish

taking it home for dinner

note the swallows nests under the ospreys nest!

across the lake is Mt. St Helens on the left and Mt. Adams to the right

further around the lake is a view of Mt. Hood

We ended this afternoon with a stop at a local winery, Confluence, close to home and very nice!

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