Friday, May 17, 2013

Woodland WA, No end to the excitement! Golden Eagle??

Sure enough, when I went back to check on the nest south of us that had the geese a couple of days ago, they were gone and an osprey couple has moved in!  Last year, it was an osprey nest and I suspected the geese were just taking a break on the empty nest though they were obviously a couple and maybe a bit confused.  Geese are marsh birds and build their nests on the ground close to water like ducks.

The ospreys are probably the same ones as last year as they generally return to the same nest. Once they lay eggs, which I'm reading, usually happen 2-3 weeks after they get their nest back in order, it is about 5-7 weeks till hatching time.  So, we may be here for the event!  In this case, events as I am now watching 2 nests!  To try and lessen the confusion when I refer to the nests, I am calling the couple in the south nest, Sal and Sally and the couple in the nest just north of us, Norm and Norma;)

Having said that, below are pics of Sal and Sally no doubt taken not long after chasing the geese off their nest!

Right after seeing Sal and Sally, I headed up the water line and had, what I think was a Golden Eagle, fly out of the trees right in front of me being chased by a smaller bird!

To top off that wonderful morning, I had to pull the jeep over to the side of the road  a mile down from here as I was leaving for my daughter's house, to take pics of 3 or 4 bald eagles that were flying around in a field nearby!  Awesome!

Sally on the nest.......

Sal in the nearby tree!

Sally is checking me out on the shore

this lumber mill across the river was very busy this morning

Here is what I feel sure now is a golden eagle......

being chased!

then later, the bald eagles.....see two in this pic??

one of these days I will get this shot again and it will be perfectly clear!

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