Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Woodland WA, Rainy Days!

We have been experiencing what I think most everyone who does not live in the PNW thinks happens everyday year round and that is rain;)  It has been raining for a week and a half now and I am ready for a break!  Yes, you do get the occasional blue patches with a few minutes of sun but when it rains like this it is mostly grey and difficult for a sun person like myself. Good thing it is so beautiful here!!!

Of course I would brave any kind of weather to be with Felicia and Jeff right now.  Felicia is doing well.  She is at 34 weeks and we are so happy she has made it this far.  Baby Sephira has turned head down and is moving like crazy.  We are thankful for every week she hangs out inside mommy!

This weekend is supposed to be the end of the rain for a while.  Looking forward to it!  In the mean time, I think the goat family was definitely having second thoughts about venturing out this morning!

The Goat Family.  Are they cute or what?

the barge across the river being loaded up with lumber from the mill....

they do it the hard way!  No big cranes at this mill!

At Norm and Normas, Normas is on the nest while Norm is enjoying a snack below

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