Monday, February 2, 2015

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Rockport, TX

This area of the gulf coast is known for birding.  Whooping Cranes are here this time of year and I have never seen them before so I was hoping when we drove out the the refuge we might see some.  We did.....from a distance, along with other water fowl and some furry and hard shelled four legged friends!

 Just outside the visitors center we said hello to our welcoming committee;)  We are in gator country!

 Off in the distance our first whooping crane!
 We saw a raccoon scamper away from a pond....maybe these were his tracks??
 A small oil rig out in the Gulf

White Pelicans
 My first sighting of a live armadillo.....bout time, I've seen plenty of dead one by the road sides!!
 This new observation tower was ADA compliant ...and felt like a quarter mile walk!!  Awesome view of the surrounding refuge though!

Out in the distance we could see several water fowl and the cranes are very distinctive

 Leaving the refuge in the late afternoon we began to see deer everywhere.

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