Friday, February 27, 2015

People and Pelicans Fishing in Port Aransas

We will be heading on to our next adventure in a couple of days but have really enjoyed our time here as we usually do wherever we are.  The Rockport area has a lot to offer if you like fishing, walking, biking, birding or driving the coast hoping to see some new bird or maybe dolphins!  Yes, I have not talked about them, but we have seen a lot of Bottle Nosed Dolphins.  I will do a post of dolphin pics.

We have eaten at some nice places right on the water and seen some wonderful sights right from our table from wildlife to beautiful sunsets!  There are some beautiful beaches in the area, just a bit to cold this time of year!

On this particular day, a few days ago in Port "A", as it is referred to around here, we took the ferry over to the island hoping to see dolphins in the channel.  We did not, of course, because we were hoping to;)  However, there were lots of folks out fishing even with the gusty wind conditions and we saw some great catches!

The pelicans were having a great fishing day and this guy had quite the time "encouraging" the long fish he caught into his bill:

gotcha, now how to eat you!

ok, this is not working......

i'm not giving up so I'm going to.....

flip you up in the air to reposition you......

and in you go.....

This man caught a Sheephead fish
measuring a Sheephead, had to toss it back, too small
And this man caught a baby ray
yep, you have to go back as well.....
We walked by a couple fishing and the guy had already caught this Redfish, big fish!!
what a catch!

 As we walked back along the jetty, the wife of the guy who caught that Redfish was reeling in another one!  It took her ten minutes of working the fish in.  I was tired watching her.  She was determined to do it alone and finally, happily did!
Mike videos the couple using the guys phone while his wife reels in a Redfish

Wow, is this fish larger than the first one????

Yep! A happy couple with a lot of good eating to come!
We had dinner that evening at Virginia's on the was good.....
Sunset was beautiful....
 And we got to watch the pirate ship return from a hard day of partying;)

nice day:)


  1. Love the pelican sequence! Those red fish are huge! Must have been quite a workout for her!

    1. Thanks Lisa! Yes, the lady was determined!!


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