Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rockport Aquarium and Museums

Mike and I checked out a couple of local museums located right down near the waterfront.

The aquarium was helpful and interesting in that it showcased fish you can find in this area.  We had  seen several restaurants  in the area advertising redfish but had no idea what the fish was or looked like and then we saw it at the aquarium.  I'm going to have to try it before we leave the area!

This is a 5 foot plus spotted eel which was actually just donated by someone, don't know that it is actually from this area:

 The fish at the lower right of this tank is a redfish otherwise known as a red drum
 These sea horses were some of the largest I've seen and the pipefish in the corner was interesting!

The Texas Maritime Museum offered a history of the fishing industry in the area :

 At the Bay Education Center we listened to an interesting lecture on global warming and alternative energy sources.  The globe shaped movie screen sure kept our attention, very cool!

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