Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cambria, CA

We are in Paso Robles for the week and doing a lot of wining;)  I could put pics up of the wineries we've visited but there are sooooo many!!!

A couple of days ago we drove out to Cambria by the ocean for the day. Not the first time there or the first time I've put it on the blog but it is the first time Mike and I did some hiking in the Fiscalini Preserve just south of Cambria.  Very nice.  Then we also put a few miles in on the boardwalk along the coast and did some tide pooling...... saw a lot of seals.......  Just a lovely day:

If you go to Cambria, you must drive just a bit further up the PCH and check out the zebras on the Hearst Ranch.  Always visible from the road, they are always fun to see:

Heading out on the trail.....

Some nice tide pools to linger around......

And lots of seals!  We probably saw at least 50 in two different groups along our walk:
there are at least 12 seals in this pic, they blend in so well!



  1. Perfect area for you to spend your bday! Beautiful hiking followed by wine!


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