Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Redlands, CA

A very nice week in Redlands visiting old friends and new breweries, Temecula wine and local trails! I spent my high school years in Highland a few miles from here but never explored much of the area as is the case when wrapped up in your teen life;)

A couple of breweries to check out: Hangar 24 and Ritual in Redlands:)

One of our first hikes was in Box Springs Mtn Park in nearby Riverside.  A boulder studded area offering some great views, it unfortunately is a target for taggers and many of the rocks have been marred with graffiti.

 Rural Redlands has several bands of wild donkeys. It was fun to see them and you do have to be on constant look out for them on the roads!
watch out for "wild" donkeys on the Redlands roads
 Notable in Redlands when looking for local hiking, the Redlands Conservancy has several small hikes throughout the city in the hills.  We were able to get 4 to 6 miles out of some of these trails.

I had been to Lake Perris as a child/teen and it was fun to go back there for a nice hike.  The lake is, of course, much lower and the beach much bigger but a very nice area.

This red tail was getting ready for take off!

One huge beach area!  We noted 7 life guard stations.  Yes, there are hundreds of camp sites as well.

A lovely day in Temecula with
friends Cindy and Jim

fall colors in the vineyards were

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  1. That area full of granite boulders is very much like the mountains East of San Diego, near Boulevard where we just spent a few nights.

    How fun to see donkeys on the trail!


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