Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wrapping up Buellton, CA

We enjoyed our stay in Buellton.  In addition to doing some more wining and going to Solvang and discovering a brewery, Barrel Works at Firestone Walker, that had 8 lovely sour beers;), we did some decent hiking.  We went to Figueroa Mountain Recreation Area and had a nice day with some awesome views:

I was in heaven here!  8 sour beers!!!!!

We went back to Gaviota State Park and did a short but very nice hike, the Wind Caves Trail:
some of the caves with the Gaviota Tunnel in the background

more caves ahead

we hiked up to the top to check out the "window" you see

I stayed up in the window while Mike took my pic.....and a nice guy we met on the trail, Steve, who sent this to me!


  1. not a fan of the sours but love the west coast hops

    1. My husband is in agreement with you:) He is a hoppy guy!


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