Monday, May 29, 2017

Gauley River NRA and Beaver State Park, WV

A few more beautiful places before moving on from West Virginia.  I am trying to stay no more than a week behind in posting but it is hard!  There are so many lovely places to see and experience!

Summersville Reservoir - will have to revisit to do the trails here!

Gauley River

stopped at a bridge on the Gauley River just in time to watch a train go by....

then we saw a couple of rafts pass underneath us heading to the rapids......

looks like fun!!

pretty waterfall along the road leaving the Gauley River

the Old Roads Trail in Greenbrier State Forest near Caldwell, WV

first time seeing "flaming azaleas"  aren't they awesome!

another color of azalea, don't know if these are "flaming"

did I mention some of these trail are pretty steep! See Mike down there!

near Beaver, WV

West Virginia has a
lot of state parks!

We will have to visit more
next time through:)
love this flowery looking shroom!

Trees fall constantly in these dense, wet forests.  We run into this all the time.  This was an easy one, no climbing over!

Our final fun adventure
in WV was a coal
mine tour!

Fun for us, I would not
have wanted to be a coal miner
in the early days...OK or now
for that matter;)

Our tour guide holding a canary cage, every miner kept an eye on his canary! No singing means poisonous gas, get out!

a miserable job with horrible pay, you did indeed owe your soul to the company store!
On to Kentucky!!!!

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