Saturday, May 27, 2017

Endless Wall Trail, New River Gorge Natl River, WV

So much beauty in this country of ours and Mike and I are so grateful we get to experience it!

We did the Endless Wall Trail at New River Gorge National River and the views are just
spectacular!  Things are not always crystal clear with 65 to 85 percent humidity but beautiful non the less.  The trail actually goes along/near the edge of the rim and there are several view points that must be checked out along the way.  It is a popular climbing area and must be quite a challenge with it's sheer walls.  We were out early and virtually had the trail to ourselves.

So many pictures, this post is just the one trail!

The New River below

some rapids below, very popular river for rafting and kayaking

rafters below shooting the rapids!

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  1. What a stunning landscape! The river has cut quite a channel through the area.


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