Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cloverdale CA, Ferrari Carano Winery

All the pictures today are from the same winery, Ferrari Carano.  A little unusual I know but you can see why.  Not only is the building beautiful inside and out but the beautiful gardens are all theirs as well:

this is the cellar tasting room, there is another tasting room upstairs

the tasting bar is on the right and these other doors open into beautiful private tasting rooms for the high dollar stuff

wow, the statue in the front looks just like me!  tasted too much wine perhaps?  Naw

Mike is supposed to be rubbing it's nose for good luck

yep, this is the tree we get corks from and no they don't grow on the tree.  The bark is shaved off and grows back.

a garden visitor

this was like being in the Japanese garden in Portland!

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