Thursday, May 17, 2012

Paso Robes CA, More wineries

Another beautiful day and a few more wineries.....6 actually, 7 if you count that we end the day at Tobin James seeing as how we are parked out front.  4 of the wineries were new to us.  We had to revisit Tolo as we had good memories of that winery and had to revisit Daou because they were in the middle of building the tasting room on the top of a hill last year when we were here and everyone this time told us we had to go back and take a look!  It is stunning but the wines, although good, were too high priced for out tastes.  There are so many really good better priced wines in this area.

We did give in today a bought a couple of bottles though our wine cooler is full:)

lots of hills and winding country roads in Paso

Chronic Cellars

Daou Winery

We ate lunch where Mike is sitting.

Jason, the owner/winemaker, is in his tasting room.....also his kitchen.  Yes, the stove works great!  He lives upstairs.

The grounds and birds at Chateau Margene are beautiful!

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