Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ajo AZ, Moving on Tomorrow

Yep, it's that time.  Another month has flown by and another place has given us some great memories!

 Tomorrow we head up to Apache Junction for a month.  However, Mike and I will both be taking trips from there.  I head off to see Allie in Omaha on March 13th, her birthday, for 2 weeks and Mike will be making a week long business trip to Austin, TX.  Did I mention he has a part time job working for the State of Texas??

I have days of stuff we did here that I have not posted and will post some of that when in Omaha.  In the mean time, a few more interesting desert sights!

whats left of a a the middle of the desert...been there a long time

fairy duster

definitely some cristate action going on there!


another desert artist at work

in the middle of the maze people had thrown coins into the hoop

in the distance behind the old corral you can see some tailings from the old copper mine

all of those flat "hills" are tailings


so this old guy is returning to San Diego from a coast to coast thats a trip!

home of the local newspaper

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