Friday, March 1, 2013

Ajo AZ, San Antonio hike in the Cabeza Prieta Refuge

This hike was just a couple miles roundtrip but interesting!  You might think that another mine trail might be the same old thing but we have found many different and interesting variations in these mines.  Not to mention a couple more interesting saguaro:)

Hmmm, I bet we could come up with some interesting captions for this saguaro!

the condition of this saguaro is call "cristate"  when the growth pattern deviates from the normal spiral growth  patterns associated with saguaros and some other cacti.

at the tip of this fallen saguaro you can clearly see the spiral growth pattern.....

rain, water erosion and a little wind probably knocked it over.

our destination, the San Antonio mine, visible ahead

a very small mine compared to some, you can see the abandoned residence to the left

we just looked through a window as the house looked ready to collapse.  surprised to see it looked as though the last residents just walked away......

even left that nice TV behind;)

standing up on the mine looking toward the house

some nice long distance views

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